I’m a (destination) wedding photographer based in gorgeous
sLOVEnia. More importantly I love hanging out with friends,
eating way too much ice cream, watching “a day in a life” youtube videos and
creating imaginary wedding moodboards in my head.

I have the best little family. Grega is my boyfriend and also the best human
I’ve ever met and my personal graphic designer and the second photographer
at Nasprot’Sonca. Oto is on another level. :) Crazy little boy who is making
my life colourful.

Oh and there is Nastja. My good friend, coee and Succulents lover. Amazing.
I love going around the world with them and shooting incredible couple’s
stories, whom I like to call my friends at the end of the day.

I’ve been shooting weddings for 4 years now and I’m still happy to be surrounded with happiness and
love. Oh and wedding cakes. ;) That’s what makes my heart skips a beat.
Also. You need to know that I’m not about akward posing. Never liked it. Never will.
I love to capture real emotions. Real couples. Love that you have.

That said. We are always having so much fun! Laughing hard, doing all kinds of lifts and twirls,
watching sunrises and sunsets and all in between.

Let’s meet!